Monday, October 7, 2013

Abigail Starts Preschool

I just realized that I never posted these pictures on the blog.  My big girl is three and started preschool in September.  She absolutely loves it and is thriving and learning so much.  She is in a reverse mainstream program in the public school system.  The classes are for children with any physical, mental or educational delays and then they accept some mainstream children to be peer models.  Right now Abby and her friend Sean are the peer models and they have one little girl with some delays and handicaps named Maddie.  There will be more students who will come in throughout the year bur right now there are only these three kids and three teachers.  So lots of one on one attention which Abby needs right now since Charlotte keeps me pretty busy.  Here are some fun things about her that I want to remember at this age:

School Name: La Costa Meadows Elementry
Teacher: Miss Sara
Assistants: Miss Beth & Miss Annette
Classmates: Sean & Maddie
Favorite Colors: Pink & Blue
Favorite TV Show: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
Favorite thing to do at school: Paint
Favorite Song to Sing: I Am a Child of God
Favorite Song to Dance to: Apache- Sugarhill Gang

Skills she has accomplished: 

Reads on a K-1 level
Can write all the letters of her nickname (Abby)
Can count to 30
Can write about 10 letters of the alphabet and learning more each day.
Experimenting with drawing faces.
Can recognize a penny, dime, nickel and quarter.
Can hop on one foot
Can catch a ball with two hands
Loves to sing and has lots of songs memorized

I love this independent, sassy, strong-willed little girl.  She can make me laugh and cry faster than any kid I now.  She has a natural zest for life and learning that I hope she never loses and is full of energy.

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